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Ancient Coin Amulet

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Ancient Coin Amulet

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The Benefits Of Ancient Coin Amulets Are:

Your body emits a protective aura that is hard to penetrate by physical attacks or magical attacks

If an accident occurs, the body becomes stronger and not easily injured

Congratulations on carrying out dangerous or risky work

Congratulations on the natural disaster.

If someone wants to attack you will bounce or fall, his body weak and difficult to move

For women to function to thwart sexual harassment (rape) by automatically paralyzing the perpetrator

Protected from the influence of black magic such as pellets and gendam



The Ancient Coin Amulet was a lucky talisman, the energy was very positive. Many series of rituals had to be done when transferring energy into the coin. It took 7 days for the transfer of natural energy to be included in this ancient metal, and the results were very satisfying, our spiritual teacher said this is a safety and protection Talisman, from various threats and calamities. This talisman has been tested for many years and we continue to use this empowerment and develop it. So it makes it easier for you to have this ancient charm.

This ancient amulet does not have a negative effect for you, this amulet has been empowered for your good. The energy in this amulet will never be lost even if you carry it everywhere. We often bring it when traveling to perform rituals throughout the Indonesian region. This charm is very easy to carry can be made pendant, can be put in the wallet. the energy works naturally without you having to read a special mantra. All you can prove on the site Realancientmagic.com.


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Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the image displayed; But the goal

will remain the

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Weight 50 g


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