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Bracelet Gajahmada


Bracelet Gajahmada




This bracelet was once worn by the governor of Gajah Mada as a child. namely a governor of the Majapahit kingdom who was famous throughout the archipelago. where in the beliefs of the ancient Javanese every newborn child is still pure and has not sinned, so they are still very easy to see the spirits around them. therefore the traditional elders usually give bracelets to prevent interference from astral beings so that the baby is not disturbed psychologically. because in Javanese society they often experience small children who have genie friends who always accompany them when playing. Usually a toddler like that has characteristics when night comes he has difficulty sleeping and is reluctant to enter the room and wants to continue playing alone in the house until morning. when seen by ordinary people who do not have advantages it looks like he is playing alone but when seen with a third eye it will be seen that there are friends who play with him. and usually children like this sometimes seem to talk to other people laughing to themselves and joking themselves. and over time he will behave sometimes unnaturally. If you find toddler characteristics like this then this bracelet is the solution to all these problems for parents. because spiritual knowledge is not obtained from a child who has a jinn companion. but the most correct is to learn from the initial process and get to know the supernatural in a gradual process so that there is no misdirection in the future. and must have a spiritual teacher who is always connected with you at all times to always get guidance always.

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