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Talisman Gendam Romance


Talisman Gendam Romance




This charm is often made by all spiritual figures in Java. whoever wants more has an attractive aura of face and fascinates your opposite sex. even the person you are headed will only imagine you. and he will always obey you. so you need this amulet. how to use it very easily you just need to put it in your pocket every time you meet the person you want. like your boss. my love. friend. or your business partner. with a little incantation the energy will run naturally and is very satisfying.

magic talisman gendam asmara which has an identical symbol of a character named grandfather semar. is a legendary figure in ancient Java. the ancient Javanese belief of grandfather semar is the guardian of the island of Java in order to remain calm and comfortable and peaceful … he is a wise and mediator in every big problem. the lure ability to everyone is undoubted. a lot of the knowledge he created. high level you to attract heart lovers like. semar mesem science. the science of semar mendem. semar kuning science and there are many others.


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