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Heritage Khodam Eggs Wealth


Heritage Khodam Eggs Wealth




The Khodam heirloom eggs of wealth that I get from the sacred area. Administratively, this area is included in the Ketapang Village / District area, Bandung Regency. Left and right bordering the villages of Pangauban and Cilampeni. Most Situ Bird residents are brothers. On average they are still one family from the same ancestral line, or hooks due to marital relations. a similar story about the mystery of the area that he inhabited since decades ago. That said, the average citizen has experienced a magical event. Either see a stealth cat, magic fish, or something like that.

These heirlooms contain energy, natural power as an agent of peace and blessing and protection, earth fertility, soil, water, plants. The khodam heirloom riches of wealth is inhabited by the grandfather khodam who has a long beard and poses like a mediator, his energy is very powerful and exudes an extraordinary aura of mysticism and cool air. Heirloom Khodam Eyang Beard is very well placed in the house, the cool aura of energy will bring harmony and blessing to your neighborhood. Heirloom Khodam Eyang Beard is only for those who are destined and ready to become powerful objects for you.

Good luck / benefits of khodam eggs wealth:
The guardian’s heirloom, protection from the supernatural from the distress of actual and unseen crime
Bring an aura of peace, harmony, peace and happiness in your family
neutralize the negative energy that is around your environment and the place of the wingit
Awaken the sixth sense or sharpness of the mind’s eye and heart
Prevent and eliminate the ill will of someone who will enter your residence
Fence of supernatural 4 directions in the direction of the compass and absorbs positive energy from nature into your residence
Unseen means of fertilizing soil, water and plants, fertilizing and nourishing your farming, fishing and livestock business
Bringing fortune from various directions in the direction of the compass approach into your house
Means of sharpening inner sensitivity to things unseen and natural events
Exuding high level of authority makes you respected, respected and loved by many people.

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Weight 300 g


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