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Holy amulet


Holy amulet




The sacred amulet is one of the relics of Islamic warriors in the land of Java. Talismans or small books that are easy to carry or store, these talismans are inscribed with Arabic tattoo that has been given a special prayer ritual by our spiritual teacher, making it safe and easy to use. There are many Muslim khodams contained in this holy amulet.
At the time of the development of the teachings of Islam on Java. Many leaders of Islamic religious leaders have this holy talisman to give their families peace of danger. The energy stored in this amulet is the divine nur. There are many very deep meanings.

In all packages that we send to you. We will include a guide to using and how to treat this magical fetish. There are no restrictions if you want to use this charm. After our package arrives, you can consult with us via e-mail that we provide.

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Weight 400 g


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