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Inland Amulet

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Inland Amulet

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Wipe out the negative energy that used to cover your place of business and prevent it from appearing again.
Facilitate business management in many ways, because the energy and khodam tigers will remove obstacles that hinder your luck and business progress
Minimize the occurrence of failures in running a business in the place of business.
In addition to keeping your buyers loyal, this Azimat is also able to bring in buyers and can function as an inheritance.
Bring lots of buyers to your place of business.
A powerful Amulet Grip for the owner in defeating the enemy
Make customers more interested in coming to your place.
Protect the owner from traffic accidents or work accidents.
Protect yourself from things that can threaten the safety of body and soul.
Keep owners away from contracting diseases and diseases.
Protecting Business Sites from submissions of competitors’ bad intentions, such as witchcraft, witchcraft and witchcraft
Avoiding business premises from theft, robbery, looting, etc.

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