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Ivory Flower Talisman


Ivory Flower Talisman




The realancientmagic ivory flower amulet is a talisman that has a genie in it. But you should never be afraid of this genie because we have given rituals and education for these genies to always follow the new owner. The genie in this amulet also has manners towards all of your family. we will also provide food and drinks for the genie in it so you don’t have to worry.
The virtues of this ivory flower amulet are:

Used by men who have been single for a long time, to make it easier to find a mate/life partner.
As Accelerating the arrival of a mate in your life.
Makes it easy for you to find the woman who suits your desires.
From within you radiate the power of compassion to find a mate.
Make it easier for you in the process of selecting a mate that suits you.
Bring up feelings of love in the woman you approach.
The woman who was initially indifferent to you, when her energy character was the same as yours. Then it will be your soul mate who always cares and loves you.
Bring out a very strong self-confidence from within you.
Eliminate various bad luck / misfortune related to getting a mate.
When you get a partner with a soul charm perfume, your relationship with your partner will always be harmonious.
Strong compassion, makes it easier for you to get a good mate.
The energy of the aura in the woman’s seductive oil perfume will give you a positive glow
Opening the aura within you to radiate to the maximum, so that many women will start to be interested in you
Help you in finding the love of your heart’s dream
Neutralize negative energy that is the source of your love problems
The radiance of the aura within you helps you to meet your soul mate
You will be confident to approach your idol
overcome the difficulties you face when you meet your soul mate.

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Weight 200 g


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