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Kalung Pulung Cemeti Geni


Kalung Pulung Cemeti Geni




Ghoib and real fencing and guarding
Used by merchants to attract buyers
Used for marketing to make it easy to believe the words
General Affection
Used by superiors in order to be respected by subordinates or employees high level authority
Used as car accessories hanging near the steering wheel, God willing, stay awake from danger
antidote to the use of pellet witchcraft
Avoid gendam or other crimes
For babies, just put it next to the baby to protect it from physical disturbances
and many other wasilah that I don’t mention and feel by yourself after having this asthma necklace and bracelet
without limit
without restrictions
without preconditions

for Health

Helping fitness to be more fit, cure rheumatism
Helps improve blood circulation
Cure the tingling that often occurs
Relieves menstrual problems
Good for people with epilepsy
Reduce the effects of radiation
Overcome nerve blockages
Overcome high blood pressure
Overcoming cholesterol
Increase concentration
Reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease
Overcome digestive disorders
Kills fungi and bacteria
Help the development of children
Good for diabetics
Overcome people who often had headaches
Deal with frequent pain
Overcome for people with impotence

Additional information

Weight 500 g


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