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Kelor Wood Talisman

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Kelor Wood Talisman

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The ancient Kelor wood amulet is a very tall plant and the most profitable and sacred for the Javanese people. Water mixed with kelor wood is given to dying people to lift their spirits more quickly out of the body.
Kelor wood does have a sacred and belief for the inhabitants of Java. It is traditionally planted in the center of the central courtyard of the house to remove all kinds of negativity and bring prosperity and wealth to the house. It is a form of protective and lucky khodam, has many medicinal properties and is used in many treatments to cure various kinds of ailments. After death the soul of a saint is very strong and pure.
Kelor plant grows automatically where its body is burned or buried and it contains a special kind of shape in its roots automatically and stores a very strong spiritual nature force and a lot of positive energy in it, we have to uproot this special root. from that place very carefully and in a very auspicious time such as a solar or lunar eclipse to maintain its strength. Many rituals are performed to give Kelor wood more strength and energy. It was the most powerful talisman that could not be found easily. Only spiritual masters have the power to know it first and then be brought out. By keeping this sacred thing one gets an abundance of wealth and one gets rid of all negative energies from his life.
Gives you total protection from evil forces or black magic.
nothing can harm you
All the good souls on this earth give you total protection and help you to prosper and have your desires fulfilled. No negative force can harm you. Business is growing day by day
remove obstacles
get promotion.
Protect against sudden accidents, accidents, setbacks. make you successful and remove all obstacles in life.
Few people have it, in this world and if in your destiny then only you can obtain it We thank God for choosing us to act as mediator between the acquirer and this talisman and to give the talisman to the righteous person who is destined to possess it. Only one piece is available at the moment, it is a rare item and only two to three pieces are available year round

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Weight 300 g


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