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Magic Amulet "Pig Chain"

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Magic Amulet “Pig Chain”

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Our spiritual teacher has perfected this talisman, so that it can be used by anyone who uses it. This Pig Chain is circular in shape like a bracelet, there are black dots on the circle or often called the eyes of a pig chain, and has star feathers around it, and basically the pig chain is not owned by stealth pigs but belongs to astral beings in the form of dwarfs, who



The magic amulet “pig chain” is one of the typical Borneo heirlooms, originating from the king of wild boars, but some say from a kind of stealth pig. Usually found in the neck of a wild boar. And basically every animal has mustika in their body. But not all animals that have mustika, only animals are the most special animals and have a position as leaders in the group.

Who uses this Mustika will make the wearer immune to attacks from enemies and from black magic. And emit a charismatic aura within them. This pig chain consists of 3 chains, 5 chains, even 7 chains, each according to its type and level. In our site this amulet has very positive properties for the user, there are no side effects as said on other sites that might you have read.

surrendered to the king of pigs to guard his group from the onslaught of wild animals.

The benefits of amorous pig chain amulets are:

Make your protector from enemy attacks.

Open the aura of charisma that is within you.

Make you more confident.

Make you feel more brave when facing a problem that you are facing.


In all packages that we send to you. We will include a guidebook for using and how to treat this magical talisman. There are no restrictions whatsoever if you want to use this amulet. After our package comes, you can consult us through the e-mail we have provided.

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Weight 50 g


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