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Magical amulet “Angglingdarma”


Magical amulet “Angglingdarma”




Anglingdharma is a king who is powerful, manly, and loved by his people. He has a representative (patih) named Batik Madrim whose magic and pride are on par with the king. Anglingdharma and Batik Madrim are the ideal partners to govern a country in the Bojonegoro region. This couple is loved by their people. Both figures are compact in everything, except in the world of romance. The same woman Anglingdharma and Batik Madrim both fell in love with a woman named Dewi Setyawati. There was a fight between the two figures and won by Anglingdharma. Batik Madrim accepted his defeat even though his heart still loved Setyawati. Batik Madrim accepts defeat for the stability of the country’s government.

Once upon a time, one day Setyawati asked for something from Anglingdharma. But angglingdarma was unable to fulfill it, all of this was told at the time when Angling Darma’s deeds were deemed to save Naga Pertala from shame, the King of Mlowopati was awarded a miracle like Prophet Sulaiman, namely being able to understand the language of all animals, with conditions that should not be taught to anyone. When the King and Queen collided, it was heard by Angling Darma, a conversation between two lizards who invited their partners to act like the King and Queen. Hearing this, Angling Darma laughed. Setyowati was offended by his heart, thought the King laughed at himself who was unable to serve the King. To dilute the atmosphere, it was forced the King to recount the knowledge of his best friend, Naga Pertala. But this is where the disaster began. Dewi Setyowati asked to be taught the knowledge of understanding the language of animals, if not, she would kill herself by plunging into the fire. To show his love, the King wants to commit suicide together.

When the king and queen were ready on the bridge, the fire began to bloom, under the stage were two sheep quarreling: the male was forced by the female to get coconut leaves as a burial “crave” her pregnancy. The ram refused. When a female sheep threatens to commit suicide, even the male tells her to do it. After the ewes died in the fire, the rams disappeared because both were undercover gods. Hearing the ram didn’t want to disappear in the fire, the King’s mind changed: The wife was left to jump on her own. And the King was very grieved and said: I will not remarry if there is no woman who matches Dewi Setyowati.

from here the beginning of the journey the king angling darma experienced a struggle to find his true identity. The exam continues to be experienced by angling darma to get its purity, the curse for the curse continues through it to make up for its sadness in the past. There was no regret for him to undergo this sentence because everything must have a lesson in the future.

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