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Magical Amulet "Cat's Eye Prayer Beads"


Magical Amulet “Cat’s Eye Prayer Beads”




This sacred item contained the apiritual magickal power demanded by an expert in Islamic mysticism. These magickal items are made from magic stones that have a khodam that corresponds to the number of each stone totaling 99 khodams that are proficient in high level spiritual processes.

This cat’s eye tasbih, often used by our spiritual teacher in carrying out certain worship and ritual processes. It is recommended that when using this item the body must be clean / clean. And have a clear mind so that the 99 khodams in this prayer beads can be in harmony with you.

All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the items you ordered. Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the image displayed; But the goal remains the same as described above. We provide free consultation and guarantee that you can buy your function and benefits.

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Weight 200 g


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