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Magical Amulet "King Of Pigs"


Magical Amulet “King Of Pigs”




Pigs are social animals. Male pigs leave their homes at 8-15 months, while females either stay with their mothers or build new areas nearby. The marriage period in most areas lasts from November to January even though most marriages only last one month and a half. Before mating, men develop their strength, in preparation to face rivals, a single male can mate with 5-10 wild pigs. Newborn pigs weigh around 600-1,000 grams. Piglets do not leave their nest for the first week after birth. Although the breastfeeding time lasts around 2.5-3.5 months, the piglets start displaying adult eating behaviors at the age of 2-3 weeks. Permanent teeth are completely formed by 1-2 years. With the exception of canines in male pigs, teeth stop growing during the middle of the fourth year.

The fangs in old male pigs continue to grow throughout their lives, strongly curved as they age. Near the fangs of babilah there is a charm from the king of the boar. The story of Indonesian hunters often shot a male pig but he did not hurt at all, instead he attacked and raged mercilessly at him. Spiritual said when pigs are looking for strength to face the mating season, they have to look for strength that comes from their immunity and fangs that are so strong. After the pig gets its strength, it is placed right around the fangs. This is what is often hunted by the spiritual leaders of Kejawen Saan to get immunity from rifles and sharp weapons.


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