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Magical Talisman "Bajra Sukmo"


Magical Talisman “Bajra Sukmo”




Not everyone has an enemy, but danger or danger can still occur at any time, both physically and metaphysically. If you feel that you might need protection from those who want to hurt you, now or at some point in the future, it will be very beneficial to have this charm and the power it contains. While keeping a fetish in your possession, you will be safe from many things in life that can harm you, and will also ward off bad luck, misfortune, and accidents. Apart from keeping you safe from physical injury, this specially empowered amulet will protect you from all forms of black magic, demonic entities, negative energy, singing, spells, magic, etc. In addition, amulets don’t only provide protection. It also contains empowerment that will give you general assistance in many aspects of your daily life.


This empowered iron protection amulet comes from the area around Mount Merapi in Central Java. Empowerment that is included in the talisman includes the strength of aji tamo wojo, the umbrella of the earth umbrella, the aji of the ox, the zisib of Sulaiman. This power allows you to emit an extraordinary authoritative presence, and instill in you many other blessings.This item is very easy to use. Users only need to complete a simple ritual to activate talisman powers. So as long as you bring a amulet with you, you will benefit from its strength.


 The following values ​​from this item are presented below:

The power of object magic will help you stay safe from physical injury

The power of object magic will make you immune to injuries from weapons

You will emit a large authoritative presence

You will receive help in many aspects of your daily life

You will receive protection from all forms of black magic, demonic entities, negative energy, songs, spells, magic, etc.

Talisman will ward off bad luck, misfortune and accident

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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