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Magical Talisman "Mace Arum"


Magical Talisman “Mace Arum”




The item I am empowered is an empowered item containing tiger khodam and ancient wisdom; because they are often used as amulets. This Tasliman was obtained from the beautiful and mystical Banyuwangi in East Java. A beautiful beach area. khodam in this amulet, confirms that it is very useful to bring strength and achievement. Owners can use it to help achieve success in business.
You don’t need to be afraid and nervous about khodam in this amulet, because I have neutralized it from a negative aura. and users don’t have to bother using it. I recommend it to you and I will provide a guide for you.

The benefits of this amulet are:

  1. The attraction of protection for the future.
  2. The attraction of love and affection for everything around you.
  3. The success of your business and career.
  4. Authority and strong presence
  5. Safety, physical, mental and emotional health
  6. Protection from attacks, demons, danger, and accidents
  7. The achievement of that great power comes from positive strength.
  8. The ability to help others solve problems they face.

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Weight 200 g


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