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Magical Talisman "Silk Romance"


Magical Talisman “Silk Romance”




One of the greatest mysteries of the universe is love. Many people live their entire lives without ever finding their soul mate and true love, while others find someone they love but unfortunately that person doesn’t love them again. However, you don’t need to worry about that when you have this romance snail. The amulets adapted for this romance are instilled with the attraction of extraordinary love. After you have performed an easy ritual that activates snail power, you will be able to make your target of love fall in love with you. The special charm is so strong that even those who might hate you will soon be won and feel love and affection for you.

Amorous silk charms appear as fossil skin. This object has a tremendous attraction of love, and comes from the Sanur beach in Bali, an island full of love and charm, strong nuances of customs and culture. Its very sacred origins help give talismans its own natural dynamic strength. I give this item divine divine power, the power of the performance of the rocking line, and the power of semar mesem. All of these powers are known to be very strong. This item is very easy to use. Users must complete a simple ritual to take advantage of the power contained in the talisman. Keep in mind that abuse of the power of this amulet will result in severe negative karmic consequences

The benefits of silk asthma amulets are:

  1. The magical power of objects will allow your target’s desire to feel the feeling of love for you
  2. The magical power of objects ensures that your target accepts you for who you are
  3. Attract your opposite sex from various directions.
  4. Increase the sex drive of someone who is close to you, so that he or she is not far away from you.
  5. Your partner will always be lulled by your words.
  6. Your view is so sharp that your opposite sex will be stunned when you meet face to face.

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Weight 200 g


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