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Maung Siliwangi's Talisman


Maung Siliwangi’s Talisman




This amulet contains the power of asthma brackets and the power of khodamic white tiger king prabu siliwangi. You will feel an increase in your own metaphysical strength, giving you more authority and confidence. This charm is perfect for those of you who work hard or as sports athletes.

With this special talisman power that you want, you will be able to reach many goals easily and improve many aspects of your life. From accumulating great wealth to increasing your spirituality, all your desires will be fulfilled. Functioning as a general help fetish for all aspects of your life, this easy-to-use magical item makes a great addition to anyone’s or even magical inventory as your only magical item if you only want luck and success.

Having this charm will give you great blessings in life and great protection in life. It’s also very easy to use and maintain. At the same time, this amulet will provide you with various benefits, which are listed below.


This item is very easy to use. There are simple rituals that must be completed to take advantage of the power contained in the talisman.

The following values ​​from this item are presented below:

The magical power of objects will help you to attract wealth and prosperity

The magical power of objects will help you to advance in your career or improve your financial situation

You will be able to improve a bad financial situation

You will succeed in achieving your goals in business

You will find it easier to solve many problems

You will grow more successful in your business, especially in all types of businesses or professions

Receive protection from danger and improve your health

You will be safe from danger, accidents and physical injuries

You will counteract all forms of bad luck, misfortune, and negative energy

You will emit strong energy


Additional information

Weight 200 g


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