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One Pair Of Old Tiger Fangs Charms

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One Pair Of Old Tiger Fangs Charms

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Tigers are a type of wild animal commonly called the king of the forest. He has fangs, claws and skin that can all be utilized in the goib world. If only the tiger died of age (commonly called “ngurak”), then of course all parts of his body would be used as amulets.

There are most of the tigers die not because of age, for example because of being shot dead, then the strength of the existing goib is believed to be less large, bigger if he dies “ngurak”. As for the dead body part of the tiger we can make it as one of the magical objects.

The benefits of old tiger fangs are:
Making the owner easy to be famous and authoritative.
The thrill of the soul makes the enemy who behaves badly to the master who cares.
These very fierce fangs are for attacking the occult and humans. When you get a physical attack, the tiger’s silat reflex will come out without you even knowing it.
The Owner of the Fangs of Tigers will be feared by all occult nations.
Easy to believe in terms of business and business work.
The Owner of the Tiger Fangs will be praised and respected by many people because of your charisma.
Make strong stamina and not easily sluggish.
Double the power of the heirloom owner.
As a means for personal safety from the physical and occult.
Reject self-protection from supernatural attacks such as witchcraft, divination.
Strengthen your blows but don’t strike humans occasionally. afraid of something fatal and causing death.

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