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Otok Fetish


Otok Fetish




Intelligence Can be sought through Ihtiar. If Ihwan maximizes the Ihtiar Born by Continuing Learning and Praying, Then It’s Time For Intelligence Can Be Seen Through the Inner Method by Using Amulets.

And The Talisman Is God’s Only Inner Infrastructure That Will Unlock And Give His Power.

Brain Intelligence Talisman Is A Mystical Means Created Specifically By spiritual, namely ki pandanlaras. This amulet is believed to have a high level of energy let alone being self-employed for intelligence thinking

With rituals or prayers, Ask God to form the wishes and wishes according to your wishes, so that the users only need to use them.

advantages and benefits

Educating the brain

Increase memory and concentration.

Including Memorizing.

Positive Creativity

Being able to come up with new ideas

Enthusiastic and not lazy

As well as various benefits related to brain potential

Dispose of negative energy in yourself and in the surrounding room

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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