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Panther Amulet


Panther Amulet




The Inner Tool for Careers is named Haekal Azimat for Position, this Haekal Azimat has a powerful khodam both as self-protection, very useful when used as a support for positions or taking part in politics, government, directors, leaders, bosses, etc. Haekal Azimat Rank of Position also contains the power of compassion and subservience to the position that is able to melt the anger of all your superiors and subordinates.

The use of the panther amulet:

Accelerate your career and position to the top
Protect yourself from the supernatural around you
Help you in winning job tenders
Generating inner energy for authority
Awaken a positive aura within
Increase self-confidence
This Khodam from Haekal Azimat Position is to protect you from people who have bad intentions in your work environment
Protect yourself from your opponent’s magical attacks
Accelerate in reaching a position in a job according to your wishes
Make it easier for you to reach the position according to your wishes
Respected by people around you
Help you in conquering the boss
Makes it easier for you to get along with superiors and subordinates.

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Weight 200 g


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