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Pelanangan Amulet (Jimat Pelanangan)

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Pelanangan Amulet (Jimat Pelanangan)

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This male genital amulet is specifically for those of you who want to satisfy your partner. Because in this amulet there are spirits that will help you increase your sex drive and can satisfy your partner.

In addition, this amulet can also function as:

Make your partner have a strong sexual desire for you

Makes you able to satisfy your partner

Make your partner more savage than usual in bed

Make your partner satisfied and feel satisfied with his sex desire

Makes you stronger and last longer than usual

As a means of the most powerful and accurate pellets

Makes it easy for you to stimulate your partner

Make your partner can feel the peak of pleasure over and over

Make your partner addicted to have sex with you

Make a partner only wants to be with you if in sex

Makes you more powerful in matters of bed and sex

Makes you able to arouse your partner’s sex passion even though you just met

Stimulate your partner’s libido

Makes you stronger to have sex over and over again without you feeling tired

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Weight 500 g


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