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Pig Fang Charms


Pig Fang Charms




This pig fangs fetish is very often found in rural areas in Indonesia. This charm is the Dayak Pedalam tribal heritage. Who is famous for the intelligence of doing very fierce black magic. They have tribal leaders in their group. I took this amulet directly from the head of the Dayak tribe. This charm has khodam alam energy. And I collaborated with the spiritual art and ancient kejawen which produces double energy.
This amulet is perfect for shielding yourself and being a magical fence from black magic attacks aimed at you. all groups of spirits. genie and demons will be afraid and leave because of your presence.

all the items that I have have an energy element of the universe that is connected to another world khodam jin. Spirit often occupy the item. I will give the right instructions for all the items you choose. For more details you can contact me. Via whatsapp with the number listed above on the realancientmagic web.

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Weight 200 g


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