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Pusaka Susuk Pengasihan cempaka


Pusaka Susuk Pengasihan cempaka




In the unseen kingdom of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, precisely on the south coast, there is an unseen commander who is always with the queen who on every Wednesday Kliwon, the Commander has thousands of warriors who have different mystical powers, some have mystical energy for compassion and pellets and there are also who has special authority for the queen. Khodam Panglima Ratu Kidul has been aligned with this heirloom of cempaka compassion, so it will have extraordinary abilities.

Benefits and Tuah heirloom of Susuk Pengasihan cempaka:
With this heirloom you have a high level of attractiveness
Generates an aura of lust towards the opposite sex (be careful when using it)
Being able to change feelings of hatred to love, even falling in love with you, be it a partner, boss / boss
Tying your partner so it is not easy to cheat
Have a good journey from the interference of any negative attacks, even any witchcraft cannot hurt you
Your house / residence is clean from negative energy
With this heirloom which has a very soft khodam energy so that it becomes a more gentle and gentle person

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Weight 300 g


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