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Semar Bag Pendants


Semar Bag Pendants




The Semar Pouch pendant amulet is a tattoo design in the form of a pouch motif that can be used as a powerful medium of excellence and high-levelness, this original Semar bag pendant we get from the tomb of the kyai semar in Central Java.
As for the functions and benefits of the Amul Pouch Bag Pendant:
expedite all kinds of your affairs
luck in career and work
make you more fortunate in terms of career
keep you from calamities that used to befall you often
You are more fortunate to work with people who always support you towards success.
makes it easy for you to overcome various life problems
turn the mill / bring people who go far away
open the aura of personal compassion
open the aura of attracting business premises to bring in lots of customers
The bag is very safe to use and does not cause negative effects for the owner or user because the negative energy is aligned so it is safe to use.

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Weight 200 g


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