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Songgo Bumo Talisman


Songgo Bumo Talisman




This amulet had the power of nur khodam and holy prayers in the ritual that I lived for several months. in every item that contains spiritual value must be really through the right process and should not be careless.
each talisman has a different character and also adjusts a new owner. then when you like the amulet that I have empowered in my shop. then I will always give the transfer ritual to the new owner.
in this case I was able to make amulets and all the items in my shop did not have a negative effect in the future. because all items that I have prepared have full responsibility.
Songgo Bumo talisman is one of the amulets that gives you luck in romance and fosters the career that you have been living. all efforts to move forward in life will be easier and smoother without any obstacles at all. I will give you a guide that is easy for you to do so that the power in the talisman can be integrated with yourself.

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Weight 500 g


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