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Talisman of Keris Semar Mesem


Talisman of Keris Semar Mesem




Semar is a Kejawen character who is described as the father of life.
Semar is a symbol of life lessons through his philosophy for mankind.
That said, Semar also has a very powerful supernatural power.
Semar’s supernatural powers are certainly able to amaze many people.
So that Semar is often used as a symbol of the identity and personality of the original Javanese community.
The figure of Semar is also often associated with the existence of his heirlooms scattered throughout the archipelago.
This heirloom is one of the magical objects that is usually used as a medium of mercy and pellets.
The shape also tends to be different from the keris in general.
This keris is short and wide.
The benefits of this keris, as a means of compassion and pellets.
In addition, it can also be used as a means of lifting one’s authority, promoting one’s aura, and opening someone’s aura.

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Weight 1000 g


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