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Talisman "Rice Spear"


Talisman “Rice Spear”


The purpose of this Talisman “Rice Spear” is:


Cleanse the negative energy that surrounds you and your business.

You are easier to solve your work affairs.

Make you more excited about work.

bring wealth from your current business.

You are easier to get up and get the position that you want.

You are preferred by your boss so that they are easily promoted.

make you win in business competition with your rivals.




RealancientMagic.com has many talismans, among them are Rice Spears. Rice spear is a small heirloom that we got from a spiritual master in Indonesia, he got this heirloom through a ritual process performed at Gunung Kawi in eastern Java, Gunung Kawi is a very famous mountain in Indonesia, on the mountain it there many people who ask for blessings, so that their efforts can develop faster. Many people get richer after performing rituals at the place. That place is where the teacher gets this item.

The shape is small, you can make it as a good luck charm that you can carry wherever you go. But behind its small form, this heirloom has very strong energy power, its energy can make you more fortunate in business affairs, this talisman will open up a positive aura that exists in you so that you will more easily get business opportunities that make you more success.


All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the items you have ordered. Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the image displayed; But the goal remains the same as described above. And we provide free consultation for you.

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Weight 200 g


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