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Talisman Soul Bag Pocket


Talisman Soul Bag Pocket




Soul bag bag is a spiritual natural power that is in this bag with a very very perfect shape and form as khodam.
all normal people, of course want a harmonious relationship, lasting and calm in the fabric of his journey. Whether it’s a marriage relationship, or dating.

Benefits / charms good luck charm / soul:
Make a wife who likes cheating into a deterrent.
Get your ex or partner back to imagine your face
Make all your movements stimulate your partner to be close to you when they see you
Make your target you will always feel restless and agitated
Lock your partner’s Sukma and will only love you
Makes you free to play people who often hurt you
Can lock your partner’s Sukma as long as you want
Your partner will love and love you more
How to use Sukma wallet:
It’s easy to use a Sukma bag charm, just take it and keep it, don’t lose it or take it away.

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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