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Talisman Wooden Matchmaker


Talisman Wooden Matchmaker




This amulet does have a pair of khodam. and cannot be separated. many positive things if you have a talisman in your home and this is useful if you have a matchmaker.

– magic fence,
– avoid bad luck,
– Bring luck,
– female sex pellets,
– widow’s pellets,
– virgin pellets,
– girl’s pellets.
– opposite sex pellets,
– female pellet.
– makes women crazy,
– A submissive and enchanting aura of the opposite sex.
– Submissive couples / husband and wife
– Strong teaser
– Get your ex back
– Immerse golden sand without negative effects
– For those of you who work in the night world can make your customers happy and submissive to you and make you a busy customer
– difficult race
– make family harmony
– make sex more fun
– Exudes an aura of your caregiver so everyone will be amazed and like you
– Helps you work in other services or fields
– Obedient parents, in-laws, friends or so on.

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Weight 500 g


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