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Tasbih hijib Akbar.


Tasbih hijib Akbar.


The benefits of this item are presented below:

You will get blessings and luck

The presence of your authority will increase

Ward attacks black magic and sends it back to the source

if your enemy tries to attack you, they will lose their target because the whip will deflect bad intentions

Trading your business will increase

giving you the highest profits when negotiating or dealing with court matters

Your enemies will suffer because of their own evil actions

You must be protected from negative spirits, jinn, khodam, and familiar spirits.



Tasbih hijib akbar This is a very unique item. the prayer beads themselves are carved and made from magickal Stigi wood which naturally has magickal and occult powers. this item is then further empowered by our spiritual teacher with the unification of khodam and the natural energy contained around us.

This prayer beads have been filled with 1000 high level Spiritual Prayers, with solemnly empowered verses. The Talismanic prayer is unique and can be carried with you or stored at home to be blessed.


All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the items you ordered. Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the image displayed; But the goal remains the same as described above. We provide free consultation and guarantee that you can buy your function and benefits.

Additional information

Weight 300 g


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