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Tawar Iron Talisman

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Tawar Iron Talisman

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Plain iron talisman is a talisman original from the island of Java. in the legacy of heritage degradation in the kingdom of Java. Amulets are very important in the lives of Javanese people in the culture and customs of the ancestors. and basically all amulets have a very good and positive virtue value.
in the story of the sacred book entitled “Ajimat Wengku”. commenting that parents in the past had more affection and very deep concern for their loved ones. then as parents they always give amulets with holy prayers. so that their children each use the talisman always remember their parents or ancestors. although they wander in a very distant area every time they see a talisman that is used it becomes a symbol of their closeness to the ancestors so that their prayers always accompany us.
various kinds of amulets always bring good to the owner because all amulets only contain sacred spells and prayers. many various kinds of rituals used by spiritual figures. but rarely can anyone dedicate that the talisman always has lasting strength. all see from offerings or requirements used by spiritual experts. but I, as an expert in this field, will always give my best according to the rules and regulations as before used by the ancestors when making strong and lasting amulets.This iron amulet talisman is one of the amulets for protection and to appeal to all who see us so that we always love us

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