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The Filling of the Knowledge of the Turban of Authority

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The Filling of the Knowledge of the Turban of Authority

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This turban is perfect for you for elders, clerics, clerics, officials, or others. By wearing this turban, God willing, it will make you more authoritative, far more than before, the aura of a leader will radiate from you. your mouth will be more heard and more attached to the hearts of listeners.
The Benefits of Filling in the Knowledge of the Turban of Authority:

fortify yourself from black magic, both witchcraft, egg, and other uses
with frequent dhikr and witr automatically power will increase and continue to grow.
with this turban your inner eye knowledge will increase
your instincts will be more sensitive
Your spiritual and supernatural knowledge will be deeper/explored
Insyaallah will always be with you
Have authority like the Prophet
This turban also has self-energy protection from all forms of danger, both non-physical and supernatural
you will be more confident
Brings forth extraordinary courage
Have self-protection/self-fence
Bringing up shadow martial arts
Make jinn and other supernatural beings afraid of submitting to you
can treat people who are possessed
make people more suggestive so that what you say/talk is more trusted by listeners
With the power of this turban, of course, by continuing to strive, what you want will be granted
Win in various negotiations
and able to be a leader and role model that is respected by many people
and over time you will know the many benefits that can be studied from this turban.

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Weight 500 g


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