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The God's Fortune


The God’s Fortune




This heirloom has the fortune god, which is believed to bring fortune.

heirloom god fortune is perfect for you, if you are
An entrepreneur who wants to increase and maximize his business
A trader / salesman who wants to increase sales
An employee / worker who wants to be loved by a boss / boss and wants to immediately get promoted / position
A leader who wants to be respected and obey subordinates
An MLM business player who wants to increase your downline or whoever you are, is perfect for having a blessing to earn a fortune.
Ageman has good fortune
Attracting and bringing money from unexpected directions
Attract and bring halal money and sustenance, a lot, abundant that flows continuously from all directions, all directions ghoib without heavy work processes, hard and tired, blessing blessing
Make things easier
Make it easy to pay debts
Attract people to be interested
Achieved Hajat
Attract and multiply Assets and money
Attract and multiply relations, guests and buyers
Attract and multiply helpers and followers
General and special care
Be loved, loved and loved by many people
Submitting rough people to be gentle
Submitting anything according to the nature that you want
For any purpose, business, offering products, collecting debt, etc.
Survive all kinds of evil intentions from people who are dholim, jealous, passionate and envious
There are many more properties of heirlooms, fortune, abundant fortune drawers that you can develop on your own accordingly
Your taste in financial / ecclesiastical problems.
How to use the heirloom god fortune:
It is very easy to use the heirloom of gods of fortune, just carry it where you are and store it, don’t lose it or take it away.

How to take care of a god’s inheritance:
heirlooms gods of fortune do not require special care. Enough to be brought during worship and God willing, the energy will get stronger.

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Weight 500 g


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