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The sacred heirloom of the SudukPanca Akara


The sacred heirloom of the SudukPanca Akara





This sacred Suduk Panca Akara heirloom is a found heirloom that is thought to be a weapon of the Majapahit Kingdom. This heirloom is not just any heirloom because the name of this item has a meaning related to the energy in it. This Sudukpanca Angkara heirloom has energy from the 5 directions that are gathered and merged into one. The level of energy accuracy when used reaches 99.9% because it has pure, powerful natural energy.

This Sudukpanca akara heirloom was once owned by a powerful warrior because it was a close-range weapon, it is sufficient evidence that the owner is a martial arts expert and a person who is good at using kanuragan and kebatinan sciences. This heirloom has a unique energy because it unites the energy of the 5 directions into one so that it is in harmony that ordinary psychics cannot do.
This heirloom of the bone spear of Panca Akara has the efficacy of God willing to bring wealth, awaken pellet science, destroy other people’s khodam, awaken supernatural knowledge, subdue enemies, feared by the jinn, able to summon khodam from 5 directions, easy to get inspiration, peaceful matters, respected by many people, get promoted easily, influence the minds of the masses, send witchcraft, cure witchcraft, cure possession, trade trade, win business competition, bankrupt business opponents, close other people’s fortunes, anti-trance, anti-witchcraft magical fortress, and many more .

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Weight 500 g


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