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Three-Core Amulet


Three-Core Amulet




In this three-core amulet has different khodam and complements each other and covers weaknesses so as to perfect. so that this amulet should not be separated and must stay together if you want strong and positive energy. The benefits of the three core amulet are:
For a magical fence to protect oneself from human persecution, disturbance of jinn and animals.
Awaken your mysticism
Generating inner energy
A magical fortress that shields oneself from magic attacks
Feeling the presence of supernatural beings
The authority of the king For a means of submitting views and intentions.
Powerful means to frighten enemies and opponents.
Magical energy that is efficacious to eliminate fear within.
To awaken the science of the face of the tiger penggerun.
You will have a voice that is fierce, authoritative, respected and respected.
Gives the spirit energy of the tiger soul.

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Weight 500 g


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