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Tiger Talisman


Tiger Talisman




Tigers are animals belonging to the Chordata phylum, vertebrate subfilum, mammal class, meat eater, felidae family, panthera genus, and classified as tigris species. A tiger is the biggest cat on the face of the earth. Sumatran tigers have a relatively small body compared to all tiger sub-species that live today. Sumatran tiger skin color is the darkest of all tigers, ranging from reddish yellow to dark orange.

Tigers are often associated as magical animals that have very strong strength. Because of that, tiger tusks are very desirable among kejawen practitioners to obtain high levels of authority. Many stories in Indonesia about tiger humans. It is said that this knowledge is still inherited, when the person is unable to hold emotions in him, he will immediately turn into a wild tiger.

This tiger amulet does not have a negative effect on you. Because it has been recommended by our spiritual teacher. This empowerment is for good.

All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the items you have ordered. Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the image displayed; But the goal remains the same as described above. And we provide free consultation for you.

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