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Tosan Aji Talisman

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Tosan Aji Talisman

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This amulet is like a relic of a very strong kris. But  formed from the choice of root wood that has sacred strength. This sacred root has a story that is very phenomenon among the people on the slopes of Merapi. anyone who passes this tree (the tree is wood made by this talisman) then he will feel confused and do not remember anything at all. can only spin around this tree area.
this tosan aji talisman was indeed formed naturally and indeed resembled the shape of a dagger. this tosan aji talisman is very suitable to be affixed in your home or place of business to avoid robbers or employees who want to cheat on you or your business. in order to avoid very large losses. there are so many other benefits if you have this tosan aji talisman, then I will give the right direction on how to use it. and there is khodam in this amulet and I will tell you the name of the khodam that is in this tosan aji talisman. do not ever think if the items I present in my store have an impact in the future. as long as you know that every item I provide has full responsibility. all sourced from positive energy without any obstacles. as long as you always continue to communicate with me. price is very influential with more special results. all the items that I have give change in your life. but if you buy an item that is more expensive then the way it works will be faster and more realized. because the items I present always have a connection between the unseen world. because a lot of rituals that I do every item I want to move to another country.

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