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Trimurti Whip


Trimurti Whip




This whip is an object that has a strong and positive energy force. It has a very polite and accountable khodam. I will give food and drink for 10 years free

Benefits of Trimurti item:

Awaken strength and potential within yourself
Making anyone who has this item will get guidance to make it easier to learn magic
The energy in this item will flow throughout the owner’s body periodically and follow the owner’s sukmo container
The owner of this item will have great authority
The owner of this item will be able to become a reliable and high-spirited leader
Unlock your potential to the fullest
Make the owner of this item will often get ideas and hints
The body of the owner of this item will be shrouded in a high-level magical fence so that evil forces cannot penetrate it
Make it easy for the owner to get laduni magic knowledge
Wherever you are, you will be respected, respected and liked by many people
The owner of this item will be able to become a healer who can help many people
Awaken the power of the inner eye for the wearer
Make it easier for the owner to master the overlay magic
The owner of this item will be able to detect powerful objects and supernatural beings
The power in the owner of this item will rise and continue to increase
Make career, romance and business grow
This gem can be passed on to posterity
High level of self-protection
And there are many other benefits that will be seen with care and use

Additional information

Weight 300 g


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