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Water Dragon Ax Talisman


Water Dragon Ax Talisman





Realancientmagic owning this Item helps to grow your business venture and make it fruitful and profitable. The power of this talisman will attract wealth and help sort out the difficulties of connecting businesses.
Its essence comes from the volcano Mount Merapi, in Central Java. This is the spirit of the Kebo Putih khodam (white buffalo). It transmits a lot of profit, but mainly helps your investment. It is revealed in the form of mambo oil or buffalo jasmine palace. This buffalo is extraordinary, and formerly belonged to Jaka Tingkir. This is years old. The White Bull Khodam is a mystical animal trusted by Jaka Tingkir who always follows him wherever he goes.

Features of this magic item:
– Helping you improve your financial situation
– Attract wealth from all corners of the world
– Increase your business, generate steady income and have repeat customers
– Improve your career and work
– Help sort out and relieve you of any problems and issues related to your work or business
– There are many other virtues

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Weight 500 g


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