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White Tiger Talisman


White Tiger Talisman




I designed this amulet in a practical, simple and very modern way. adjust the development of a more advanced era. all you have to do is paste it in your home, office, place of business, and warehouse. then the talisman will automatically work permanently.
This talisman is the fastest selling and realancientmagic.com. was the first person to make a talisman like this. even in the form of talisman stickers in Java. but the power of this talisman energy is very strong and does not fade easily. the power of this amulet comes from asthma or prayers that I say and ancient mantras. even knowledge of my royal inheritance was transferred to this talisman. so it has very strong energy. the white tiger talisman is useful for guarding the house. office. place of business. of all forms of crime, whether criminal or magic and guard your place from negative influences. This talisman is very suitable for the fence of the house. office and place of business. It takes two to four widths of the talisman to stick to the corner of your house. among the four directions. one talisman for $ 100.

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Weight 100 g


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