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Worm Khodam Nails Magic


Worm Khodam Nails Magic





Nails magic Khodam worm Generates Business, Commerce that has failed (bankrupt) and destroys enemies who fail or will make your business fail, so your business will progress without being disturbed by the black magic of your enemies.
How to Use Worm Khodam Nails:
It’s very easy to use Paku Khodam Cacing, later it will be sent when the package is in your hands / can also be sent together with the package. I will give you the name khodam because all the items from me always have a spirit in it.

Means or media of compassion and attraction to the view of the wider community
Launching a business and a narrow fortune, very suitable for those who have a business but are less advanced in their business.
The wearer of this amulet will look younger on his body and face, it will be seen if it has been used for a long time. God willing, it is good for inhibiting the aging process, because the energy of this talisman makes you always look young.
Position booster and position for those who have worked for a long time but are less fortunate in the work environment.
Eliminate bad luck and heat or bad aura that makes you always unlucky and a lot of problems.
Easy to achieve goals and hopes, Bi Iznillah with the permission of Allah can
Changing a messy life to come back better, a slumped situation to be lifted, the poor to be prosperous, a chaotic household to get along.
To be loved by your husband/wife and there are many other benefits following your situation and circumstances, it would be great if you accompanied it with alms to throw away other people’s rights that belong to you.
The power of luck is able to accumulate wealth and make the wearer avoid unclear and wasteful expenses.
Selling and advancing any business that is important is halal.

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Weight 500 g


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