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filling khodam kencono

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filling khodam kencono

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filling khodam kencono
The science of khodam kencono is a science about symbolizing the local wisdom of Javanese culture which has been harmonized by the guardians of the island of Java, which is based on Islamic prayers and Javanese prayers which are properly and perfectly harmonized. thus making it a very powerful energy that will help any obstacle that comes its way for a good cause. This knowledge must be used properly and must not be misused for bad purposes or to deceive others. The benefits of mastering the science of filling this kencono khodam are:
makes it easier for you to manage your business capital so that it will increase every year.
keep your business from the catastrophe of bankruptcy
makes it easier for you to gain multiple profits
prevent you from fraud in your business
makes it easier for you to seduce customers
exudes an aura of high charisma
help you create extraordinary ideas in improving your business
open up opportunities to be richer and more respected in your city
bring the power of luck in trading


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