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Fossil Of Goddess Sanca


Fossil Of Goddess Sanca



This fossil was found in the depths of the southern sea in Central Java. the beach was named by the Javanese as parangtritis beach. This fossil has a strong desire and special ability to wealth and accelerate money entering your business without you knowing it. the benefits are huge and always smooth all the time.
the ghost of the python goddess is one of the servants in the kingdom of the southern queen who became the supernatural ruler on the south coast of Java. she has an ideal height as a beautiful woman, 2.5 meters high, has straight and long hair. using traditional royal attire on the island of Java. all clothes and accessories are very shiny. gold and sparkling gems always envelop his body that symbolizes wealth and wealth.
You will never doubt if you have this fossil. when you have a business, then financial luck is always on your side. get rid of all the bad luck in your life. the spirit of the goddess Sanca will more often be seen active in your home at night. but you as the owner don’t be afraid because everything I recommend to you is harmless and has no negative effects in your life.

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