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White Tiger Amulet

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White Tiger Amulet

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We got this White Tiger amulet through spiritual meditation on Mount Dieng. This amulet is inhabited by a strong and powerful White Tiger Khodam that can make the owner of this mustika able to bring out the inner power of kanuragan, awaken the inner power stored in the body, strengthen and multiply the power of punches and kicks, awaken courage in oneself, immune from attacks physical and supernatural, makes the enemy submissive and submissive in front of you, has a high level of self-protection supernatural power, makes you always respected by friends and feared by opponents, is able to bring up magical martial arts when in a state of urgency, absolute enemy population, as a companion khodam wherever you go, has layers a very strong aura so that enemies who see and intend evil will melt and undo their intentions, able to make enemies bounce far away, avoid being robbed, safety of body and soul.

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