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Dadungkawung Painting


Dadungkawung Painting




In this painting resides an astral creature whose name is dingkawung. This astral being has been nurtured and dedicated to the good of its owner so that all less smooth affairs can be quickly resolved. This creature is very polite and we will also include food and drink that is enough for up to 5 years

the benefits of dadungKawung spiritual painting are:
Magical means of protection
Repel the occult attack
Safety, avoid harm
Make it easier to find holy sustenance {halal}
Radiating one’s authority
Get Blessings every time you do good deeds to people
Streamlining business or business
Luck is always within you
Answer what is your prayer
Improve all kinds of mind
For Mind Clearing
To get rid of negative energy in your body
Bringing Hidayah in your life
Strengthen Faith in yourself
Makes you good at studying Islam
Means for Easy Reading of the Qur’an
Reduces the chance of getting hurt when physically attacked
Bringing peace and inner peace
Finding suitable Business Opportunities and Business Opportunities
Improving household and family economy

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Weight 300 g


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