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Forest Genie Magic Painting


Forest Genie Magic Painting




In this painting, the forest genie has a strong spirit and has been nurtured to become a person who is obedient to his owner to help all his desires so that they can run smoothly without being constrained by the forest jinn in the island of Java, which can be called Wong kalang. In the majapahit era, the kalang tribe strengthened the troops so that they became respected and known troops who could not die, they were formidable fighters.
The benefits of the spirit of the jungle jinn are:
Fence yourself by making a magical shield that covers the whole body.
Safety from impending or life-threatening distress.
As a “handle, ageman, restraint” in the world of work that is prone to danger.
Avoid someone’s evil intentions.
Immune to all kinds of magical attacks in the form of witchcraft, sorcery, witchcraft and witchcraft.
Become a neutralizer of evil energy or negative energy somewhere wingit.
Eliminate negative energy in the body that makes yourself hit by bad luck.
Spirits of any kind do not dare to approach and disturb.
Self-esteem is clearly seen in front of anyone.

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