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Guardian Spirit Painting


Guardian Spirit Painting




Greetings always all spiritual lovers in the world. may we always be in the protection of the almighty god. in ancient Javanese spirituality we are no stranger to an item of spiritual painting that can bring good luck. wealth. glory, safety or security in every home or business place. Spiritual paintings are different from those of the painters. If spiritual painting is judged from that which resides in the painting which has special chat-based ingredients mixed with blood or special plants or parts of special animals and while painting there are many offerings and rituals that the spiritual practitioner must undergo. in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java, they are called occult artists. Even when painting, there are procedures for him to fast while painting and always chant incantations or holy prayers.
and this process is only a certain person who is able to carry out the process of reconciliation so that the spirit can enter the field of kanphas.
His philosophy is cloth as a container or body and paint as flowing blood that can form soul. if this system is examined more deeply then all will remain connected from the universe which is united in one field of painting.
for this spiritual painting the spiritual figure has united with the guardian spirit of the balaikambang who is in East Java near Gunung Kawi in Malang. has a policy of rejecting disease and attracting welfare to the whole family.

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