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Maung Siliwangi's Spiritual Painting


Maung Siliwangi’s Spiritual Painting




This painting has been given a ritual for 41 days so that the khodam can enter this painting and will reside forever.
Whoever you are who is new to the difficult problem of attracting people, it is very good to have a spiritual painting of Maung Siliwangi, because this character was known to be very powerful and powerful at that time and he had many successes and conveniences.
Berkhodam figure of a white tiger as big as a male cow and will help you if you have love problems to open an aura of authority.
Maung Siliwangi’s spiritual painting has special luck for pellets and compassion among the charms of village flower charms, ajian king pellets, ajian kings of compassion, attracting customers, attracting many couples, dragging people who are stingy, melting stubborn hearts, returning a departed partner, returning love what is missing, the spiritual painting of maung siliwangi makes the intended person always longs / misses, binds / locks a partner to be loyal, eyes release magical energy to melt anyone without exception, you can feel luck and experience the rhythm of a real effort and routine care.

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