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Wewegombel Spiritual Painting


Wewegombel Spiritual Painting




This painting was taken for real by a magical artist who has a third eye seeing the unseen world. and during this follow-up the spirit that immediately resides in it and after that is nurtured and becomes a loyal follower of its new owner.
the benefits of this painting in your home or your meditation places are:
Pesugihan without sacrifice, makes it easier to achieve wealth
Smooth fortune in all directions your dreams are in
Unforgettable money puller, fortune comes from nowhere
Awakening the Knowledge of the King of Mercy and the King of Enchantment
Easy to melt/conquer anyone’s heart
Virgin Pellets/ Widows/ Night Workers/ Singers and even Class Artists

Sending Witchcraft Pellets
Sending Wet Dreams
Making love with Khodam Jin
Pengasihan Tunggul Wulung, makes it easier for many couples, polygamy, lots of concubines, no jealousy/protests, smooths out the mission of polygamy/many couples
Returns the enemy’s magical attack
Self-fences, house fences, shop fences, office fences magically so that the enemy’s magical attack will be mental
open the mind’s eye to see the unseen world
Sense opening
Easy and friendly with universal khodam/jinn
Opening aura makes youthful shine dazzling everyone
Conqueror of the enemy’s heirloom khodam so the enemy’s heirloom khodam will not bother you and the enemy’s heirloom will not work
Luck for success in investing, investing, various kinds of gambling, fishing
Easy to find debt and pay debt
Easy to collect anyone’s debt
Awaken inner and spiritual strength within
Safety to always be safe when there are threats and attacks of various weapons
Smooth seducing and persuading others for the success of your goals

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Weight 300 g


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