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Al-Hikmah Power Ring


Al-Hikmah Power Ring




Made from stone of choice and sacred made specifically by me as an expert in “al-hikmah” or Islamic occultism with an undeniable spiritual power obtained from the Cosmos through time-consuming rituals and disciplines. magnetized rings give Users the following virtues: personal protection (general); protection against fire, robbery, oppression, and slander; build attraction; charisma; instilling fear in the hearts of people with evil intentions; healing; ward off all kinds of psychic attacks and negative spirits; build harmony at home; open clairvoyance; the attacker was miraculously thrown off balance.
This stone ring has been specifically recommended for all people. even though he was just a beginner in the spiritual sphere. You should never be afraid to study because all the guidelines from me you can do with always in my watch from a distance.

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Weight 300 g


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